Portable Watermakers

Choosing modular or portable.

The most popular system at Seawater Pro is the modular watermaker. It is designed to be installed in different locations around your vessel to address the common space problem all sailing vessels have. You basically spread the components around the boat wherever you have space available.

To further understand the various components and dimensions in this product, please download the relevant brochure here

Our portable watermakers are designed to fit inside a Pelican 1650 case (Military-grade with wheels, stainless steel bearings, watertight, crash-proof, latches, fold-down handles, O-ring seal, and a retractable extension handle). 

The portable watermaker is fully assembled and bolted on a nylon sub-plate. The subplate measures 24” long X 16” wide X 9” tall. The total system weight with dual membranes meeting the Pelican case is 110lbs/52kgs.

Our portable units have the same Motors and pumps as our modular watermakers. Consequently, our portable watermakers do not compromise in performance or reliability.

The dual membrane portable watermaker can produce up to 24 gallons per hour/ 90 liters per hour.

Both our modular or portable watermakers are available in 12, 24, 36, 48 Volts DC and dual voltage 110/220 Volts AC 50/60 HZ.

If you ever decide you do not want the case, you can easily remove the sub-plate from the Pelican case and bolt it in your vessel.

Portable units are also available without the case, in the event you want a fully contained compact watermaker to bolt on your boat with minimum installation request by email or telephone. This option is not offered in our shopping cart. All hoses and fittings in every Seawater Pro system are of the highest quality. Using only 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Our dual scale flow meter displays water flow in gallons per hour as well as liters per hour.

Our total dissolved solids (TDS) analyzer is sampling the water continuously to give you a real time reading of the quality of the water you’re producing. There is no need for diverter valves or sampling cups to measure the water quality.

Our continuous flow 316 stainless steel pressure regulator eliminates the use of old style needle valves common with other watermakers. Using a pressure regulator ensures pressure stability especially with the 12 volt motors that vary in RPM as the battery voltage is subject to change.

All Seawater Pro watermakers include an automated fresh water rinse timer. In order to maintain optimum performance of your membrane and to eliminate odors in your water, the rinse timer will automatically flush the filters, pump, and all the membranes. It needs to operate once a week for 15 minutes, it is adjustable for shorter intervals for those in warmer climates. Every rinse uses approximately 2 gallons of fresh water.

All Seawater Pro systems include a priming pump. The priming pump’s purpose is to deliver water through the pre-filters to the high pressure pump.

The priming varies depending on the system you choose. All 12 Volt systems and Dual membrane AC systems come with a 12 Volt 100% sealed, magnetic drive and brushless motor. You may request a transformer  at no charge if you prefer to run it at 115 or 220 volts AC.

The larger systems i.e. 3 and 4 membrane, and residential systems contain a dual stage stainless self-priming centrifugal pump. Dual voltage 110/220, 50/60 Hz priming pump.

Both pumps; the priming and the high pressure pump operate continuously at the same time while making water. (Download PDF brochure, for dimensions, and technical specifications.)

Selecting a motor

We have motors that will work for any voltage, any frequency in any country.

  • Our motors are available at 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 36 VDC, 48 VDC, Dual voltage, 110/220 VAC, and also available in 3 phase 208/230 VAC. Regardless of your frequency 50/60Hz, our systems will perform nearly identical.
  • The most frequently asked question among sailors is: the tough choice between battery powered DC and generator AC powered water makers.
  • If you have a generator you should consider an AC motor which has no brushes and is virtually maintenance free. If you don’t have enough battery power you may resort running your generator to charge the batteries, in which case you might as well get an AC system that can support mote than 1 membrane. Also, the AC motors, because they are more powerful, they can handle multiple membranes, increasing the fresh water production up to 65 gallons per hour/246 liters per hour. The 12 VDC motors are limited to ONE membrane with a max output of 17 gallons per hour/64 liters per hour. One more thing to be aware of with the DC installations is the wire thickness, which must be considerably larger than the AC. This also affects the distance from the battery. It is highly recommended that you keep it below 6 feet. (For help with the calculation visit: https://www.calculator.net/voltage-drop-calculator.html)
  • These constraints apply to all DC motors regardless of which water maker manufacturer you choose.
  • All 115/230 VAC water makers are much simpler to install.
  • We hope now that you understand the differences, you are able to make a more educated decision for you.
  • If you have any questions feel free to email or call +1-954-800-8800.

Selecting a pump

The most common pump used by ALL watermaker manufactures is made by General Pumps manufactured in Italy. We believe this is the best, most well-made pump.

We have two pumps to choose from. They both come with a two year warranty.

  • All stainless body, stainless valves, ceramic pistons.
  • Nickel plated body, ceramic pistons, and stainless valves. They both perform very well in the harsh conditions of the marine environment.

Selecting Number of Membranes

Our membranes are of the highest quality just like all of our components here at Seawater Pro. They are made in USA by DOW filmtec. These membranes are considered the standard of reliability and performance. Here at Seawater Pro, we have tested a variety of other Membrane manufacturers and have

Multiple Membrane systems are connected in series. For every additional membrane you will increase performance by approximately 20 gallons per hour/76 liters per hour.

Membranes have a temperature limit of 120 degrees F, or 45 degrees C. Do not install membranes right next to an engine as it may exceed the temperature limitations and damage the membrane. The life expectancy of a membrane in a marine environment is 3-10 years if operated within the manufacturers specifications.

Selecting a Control Panel

Sea water pro panels

All our control panels are CNC machined right here at the Seawater Pro Fort Lauderdale Facility. They are made by PVC plastic. 3/16” (4.5mm) thick, instrument panel grade material. The 4 colors available are: Graphite with white letters, white with black letters, teak wood with black letters, grey wood with black letters.

Every control panel comes pre-assembled with both pressure gauges, pressure regulator, flow meter, real time water quality analyzer, and 2 circuit breakers to switch the pumps on and off from one convenient location.

Please let us know how far from the membrane you will be installing the control panel, so we can custom make the high pressure hose.

The control panel comes with 6ft. Hose at no extra charge. Every additional foot is $10 USD. The high pressure hose is made by Parker U.S.A. It is rated for 3000 PSi. Every hose comes with 316 stainless steel crimped Parker fittings.

Selecting a Motor Origin

Leeson motors is a spinoff from Baldor. These two companies used to be one company until the 1970’s. They are considered the worldwide leader in innovation and have the most reliable and energy efficient motors.

Our import motors are made in China.

We have had great success with both motors. We choose to offer both options to accommodate your preference and budget.

Seawater Pro is now a distributor for Leeson motors made in U.S.A. You now have the choice of an import motor or one that is made by one of the finest motor manufacturers.


Our watermakers ship in 2 boxes.

The first box measures 48”  x 12” X 12” and weighs 55 pounds.

The second box measures 23” X 14” X 14” and weighs 45 lbs.

We ship worldwide for a flat fee of $295 USD via UPS International 5 day express. We do not charge any taxes or VAT. Depending on destination UPS will contact you to make arrangements when your shipment arrives.

Within Florida shipping is $99 USD plus sales tax.

We ship in the lower 48 states for $149 USD UPS ground.

Still have questions about our portable watermakers? Contact our team now. We’re happy to help! 

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