Single membrane – Complete modular 17 GPH watermaker with ceramic piston pump and leeson 12 VDC motor. This watermaker comes with both pumps, motor, gauges, high and low-pressure hoses, 1 membrane, pressure regulator, 3 filters and switching valves, rinse timer, basically everything you need to bolt it onto your boat and start making water.
The high-pressure pump is made in Italy by AR Pumps XMASS3G series, it is a great pump. Here is why.
STAINLESS STEEL HARDENED PISTON GUIDES HIGHLY EFFICIENT STAINLESS STEEL CHECK VALVE and corrosion-proof SOLID CERAMIC PLUNGERS highly corrosion-proof HIGH-QUALITY DOUBLE SEALING GASKETS (for high and low pressure) in buna-textile “V” packing ANODIZED ALUMINIUM die-cast crankcase with fins that grant optimal oil temperature. Anodized treatment for surface protection.  FORGED RODS which grant long durability with high-quality oversized German bearings that ensure the long durability.
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This system does not include a remote control.
The remote control panel is not required, the system will function fine without it. Think of it as your remote control for your television. It is nice to have in scenarios where the membrane is hard to access.
BUYER BEWARE of Chinese fiberglass pressure vessels, typically white in color, cannot handle hydraulic shocks caused by air sucked in during heavy seas. They are known to fracture and burst. The blue Epoxy resin vessel seen in the pictures is what we use. Tested to 6000 psi burst pressure. The 4 external rods act as springs and combined with our spring loaded automatic pressure regulator will absorb hydraulic shocks that can crack conventional fiberglass vessels that can lead to premature failure of the membrane.