SeaWater Pro is proud to introduce our new portable water maker. A revolutionary device designed from the ground up. Based on our larger SeaWater Pro modular desalinator, the portable water maker is constructed of the highest quality. Designed for durability and maximum portability. This is the ideal device for not just boaters but anyone who wants to filter or desalinate water on the go. 


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Portable Pre Order List


•Makes up to 10 Gallons Per Hour

•Purify freshwater or desalinate seawater

•Brushless motor, waterproof construction

•2 Year warranty

Our portable water maker is a first of it’s kind device combining the high quality and efficiency of our modular systems with portability and convenience.


•Easy to Carry with high impact case

•22x14x9 IN (600 x 230 MM)

•Light weight 45 LBS /19 KG with battery


Our Portable water maker comes in an impact resistant water tight case. This is a highly durable and long lasting portable water maker.  


•Charges in 3 hours

•Runs for up to 3.5 hours with lithium battery

•Connect to 12/24/48 up to 62 volts

•Connect to 110/220 AC Generator

The portable water maker is designed for versatility with various power options. Available in a lithium battery configuration or a non-battery plug in configuration. You can plug it directly to your boats power supply, run it of a generator or a solar panel.