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Stainless Steel Components

We own the machinery and make most parts in house with 20 years in the machining business. The RO system is entirely built out of stainless brass and plastic parts.

Non Proprietary Parts

All components including filters and membrane can be found at your local hardware store on any on-line outlet.

Complete System 21-GPH for $1495 US !!! (worldwide shipping is extra)

At 21 Gallons (80 liters) per hour only $1495, we have NOT found a more competitive pricing anywhere. If you do please let us know.

No Assembly required

SST 316

Optional Stainless pressure vessel, no other competitor offers.

Everything is included

No need to fabricate any components, everything you need to desalinate is here.

Get off the grid

12 / 120 / 220 volts

The average sailing vessel runs out of water way before it runs out of fuel. In the Bahamas you will pay 35 cents / gallon for the precious liquid yet almost 75% of our planet is covered with it.

Once you own a watermaker there is no going back.

Shower all you want, wash your boat deck and drink chemical free water with less dissolved solids than tap water. 

The system can operate on a Honda EU2000i portable generator and spare enough power to charge your batteries at the same time.

Make 110 gallons of water with a single gallon of gas.

It will also run from a 12 volt battery using a 4000 watt DC power inverter about $150 from your local harbor freight tools.

Now can be enjoyed not only by the Mega-yacht crowd, but by the average cruiser.

The system is 100% assembled with non proprietary "off the shelf parts" making maintenance a breeze.

The system is assembled in Fort Lauderdale Florida and you may call anytime with questions.

The cost is 50% less than the competition, shop around all you want you will not find anything even close to our price.


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