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Plug and Play - Residential Desalinator - watermaker

 SeaWaterPro Residential Desalinator Watermaker, plug and play, fully assembled units. 

 Available at 115 / 230 VAC dual voltage single phase or 3 phase. 

Call for details, we custom make units to meet your requirements for a fraction of what others charge. 

Residential desalination pricing is as follows. Kit contains what's in the residential video, what changes is the number of membranes, pump and electric motor size.

1. Single 2540 membrane, stainless / ceramic pump, 20 GPH, 1500 watts $2995.

2. Dual 2540 membrane, stainless / ceramic pump, 35 GPH, 1500 watts $3995.

3. Triple 2540 membrane, stainless / ceramic pump, 50 GPH, 2500 watts $4995.

4. Dual  4021 membranes, stainless / ceramic pump, 70 GPH, 2500 watts $5995.

* 2540 = (2.5 inch Diameter x 40 Long) , 4021 = (4 inch Diameter x 21 Long)

Ceramic Piston / Stainless Motor /Honda 1600 watt generator - short VIDEO

This is the older brass body pump. The latest pump is Nickel Plated as seen in the pictures above. It will stay corrosion free and looks just like stainless.

Portable watermakers 115/220AC


115/220 volts , 15 GPH, $2995.00

Portable water makers are powered by either 110/200 stainless motor, the 12 or 24 volt motors are aluminum frame painted. The stainless pumps are made in Italy by General Pumps and have ceramic pistons and stainless valves. The brass pumps are also  made in Italy with ceramic pistons and stainless valves. These are the same pumps used by competitor systems costing 3 times more. All our motors and pumps are interchangeable. If you ever decide to change from AC motor to DC, you can purchase just the motor and mount the existing pump in minutes. 

All portable systems, regardless which pump you choose, are mounted on a solid nylon sub-plate. The sub plate can be removed from the case via screws. The sub-plate holds ALL !! components and therefore can be mounted as one piece contained unit on your boat.  All portable units are offered with 1 or 2 membranes.



(110/220 VAC) Single Membrane, Ceramic piston Brass Pump -15 GPH $2995  

(110/220 VAC) Single Membrane, Ceramic piston Stainless Pump -15 GPH $3495

(110/220 VAC) Dual Membrane, Ceramic piston Brass Pump -21 GPH $3495  

(110/220 VAC) Dual Membrane, Ceramic piston Stainless Pump -21 GPH $3995



Karcher Modular watermaker $1595

This video describes what is included in the modular kit with the Karcher pump. This is an older video, we had 4 revisions since then with several improvements. 

Example - 90 minute install

For the casual user the Karcher pump kit is perfect, No screws, no screw holes, installed in 90 minutes on a 33 Grady-White.


Complete modular 21 GPH watermaker with ceramic piston pump and stainless motor (115/220 volts ) total price $2195.00

This pump is made in Italy , it is my favorite pump. Here is why.

STAINLESS STEEL HARDENED PISTON GUIDES HIGHLY EFFICIENT STAINLESS STEEL CHECK VALVE  FORGED NICKEL PLATED BRASS HEAD with high mechanical resistance and corrosion-proof  CERAMIC PLUNGERS highly corrosion-proof  HIGH QUALITY DOUBLE SEALING GASKETS (for high and low pressure) in buna-textile "V" packing  ANODIZED ALUMINIUM die cast crankcase with fins that grant optimal oil temperature. Anodized treatment for surface protection.   FORGED BRASS RODS which grant long durability.  INTERNAL KINEMATICS with high quality oversized bearings that ensure long durability.

What is the difference between this and the stainless pump you ask ?

The stainless will stay nice looking and shiny, the brass may look tarnished after a few months. Brass like stainless does NOT rust.  You could spray paint it with some clear enamel to prevent tarnish.

Yes it will run with a Honda EU2000i (1600 watt)  generator.  

(Honda has a new EU2200i for the same price) 

More Videos


Optional Dow filmtec SW30-2540 membrane +$39.00

 The membrane included in the kit is made by Toray South Korea and works great. If you prefer Dow filmtec made in USA add $39.00 to the kit price. Please let me know if you want the membrane pre-installed or left in the sealed vacuum bag for you to install at a later date. Dow is the industry standard when it comes to membranes. 


Optional Second Membrane with hoses (+$599)

 Add a second membrane to any system and increase your production to about 30 to 40 gallons per hour depending on temperature and water salinity. 


100% Stainless 316

Included with every system, this is a real pressure regulator, no more needle valves. The regulator maintains constant pressure and protects your system from over-pressurization.

Download stainless pump specs/brochure

EWM Series-General Pumps Brochure (pdf)


About Us

Quality Components


We own the machinery and make most parts in house with 20 years in the machining business. The RO system is entirely built out of stainless, brass and plastic parts.

Non Proprietary Parts


All components including filters and membrane can be found at your local hardware store on any on-line outlet.

Complete System 21-GPH for $1595 US !!!


At 21 Gallons (80 liters) per hour only $1595, we have NOT found a more competitive pricing anywhere. If you do please let us know. UPS ground 3-5 day shipping anywhere in the US including territories $99.00.  Permeate flows for individual membranes may vary +/-20% due to temperature and other factors. 

Don't plan your trip around water


The average sailing vessel runs out of water way before it runs out of fuel. In the Bahamas you will pay 35 cents / gallon for the precious liquid yet almost 75% of our planet is covered with it.

Once you own a watermaker there is no going back, it is a game changer. You no longer have to plan your trips around water.

Shower all you want, wash your boat deck and drink chemical free water with less dissolved solids than tap water. 

The system can operate on a Honda EU2000i portable generator and spare enough power to charge your batteries at the same time. Using a small Honda generator you will make ~110 gallons of water with 1 gallon of gas.

It will also run from a 12 volt battery using a DC power inverter.

Now can be enjoyed not only by the Mega-yacht crowd, but by the average cruiser.

The system is 100% assembled with non proprietary "off the shelf parts" making maintenance a breeze.

The system is assembled in Fort Lauderdale Florida and you may call anytime with questions.

The cost is 50% less than the competition due to our manufacturing abilities therefore bypassing the middleman on some components. Shop around, nobody can beat our price. Read testimonials about what existing owners have to say about our watermaker kit.  

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Frequenly Asked Questions

How many watts is the priming pump ?

The priming pump draws less than 100 watts. I have a 20 psi 12 volt priming pump included with the kit and an optional ~10 psi at 120 or 220  VAC with magnetic drive for an additional $124.

How many watts is the high pressure pump ?

The Karcher pump draws about 1300 watts at 800 psi. Check it out here.

Where should I install the membrane ?

The membrane can be mounted horizontal or vertical. Regardless which brand water maker you decide to purchase, due to the organic nature of all membranes they cannot be installed next to a hot engine. Also, the air-cooled pumps may overheat if operated in a hot engine room. The only pump that can handle heat is the watercooled Karcher K4,  Check out the water-cooled pump here. 

What skills and tools are required to assemble the kit ?

This is not rocket science.

You will need to add teflon tape to the plastic threaded fittings and some very basic tools. Some fittings already have teflon tape, however, they may still need to be tightened. Every installation is unique therefore be prepared to turn a wrench. 

How can I upgrade to a stainless pump ?

You can always upgrade to a stainless pump because the rest of the system is the same. If for some reason you don't like your Karcher pump simply remove it and connect a stainless pump.

What are the shipping charges ?

It takes about 5 days to prep your kit for shipment, then UPS or Priority mail 3 to 5 days anywhere in the US including territories for $119.00. International Orders vary depending on your country. 

How long does the membrane last ?

It is recommended that you clean your reverse osmosis membrane as needed or once every two years (on average). The reverse osmosis (R.O.) membranes last an average of five years and with proper operation and care can last up to 10 years. Permeate flows for individual membranes may vary +/-20% due to temperature and other factors.

How long will the Karcher pump last ?

Nothing lasts forever in salt water, even the best stainless pump one day will fail. A $1500 stainless pump should last about 5 years or more, if you do the math, that is $25 /month.

The super quiet water-cooled Karcher K4 should last about 2 with casual use, at $199 it will cost you $8.29 /month. 

The Karcher advantage is the low replacement cost, the 2 year factory warranty and the fact that you can find them anywhere. 

How much is a replacement membrane ?

Watermaker membranes typically last 5 to 10 years.

Being that we use standard size membranes they cost 5 times less than custom proprietary sizes. We offer 40 inch replacement membranes for $195.00 plus shipping. You may search for SW30-2540 online and compare prices, we have the lowest price membranes on Amazon.

How long do the pre-filters last ?

Depends on the water quality, from a few days to a few months.

If you notice a pressure drop on the primer pump pressure gauge then it is time to replace your filters or rinse them. Also, if they look green or black or some other non appetizing color then consider the same.

Where do I find pre-filters ?

Ideally you need a 20 micron and a 5 micron. You may purchase them online for about $5 / each. In an emergency use anything available at your nearest hardware store and don't worry about microns. We used 10 inch filters because it is  the most common size.

  Pleated Sediment Water Filter Cartridge 10"x2.5" Standard Size 

Tier1 S1 20 Micron 10 x 2.5 Pleated Cellulose Sediment Pentek Comparable Replacement Water Filter 12 Pack


The $1595 plus shipping price is available when you buy direct by calling or register above and save $100.

Ebay is another great place to purchase a watermaker after auction fees and buyer protection the price is $1695.00 plus shipping.