At SeaWater Pro we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality water makers. And we believe that a great product deserves equally great customer service. But don't take our work for it, see what our actual customers are saying about SeaWater Pro & our water makers.

  • Paul Cleland

    The entire communication and purchase experience was professional but still friendly. Have not installed the unite yet but it all seems as described,looking forward to get it installed

    The fact that I purchased two units and you guys worked with me and made the experience very easy,thanks.

  • Ryan C

    The shipment was packaged together and shipped very quickly. I emailed a few questions before purchase and received a call back within 30 minutes to have a chat.

    Answered all my questions, and was nice to talk to a real person who knows the product to get answers, and very much appreciated the response time

  • Mike Moulton

    We discovered this company at the Annapolis Boat show

    We discovered this company at the Annapolis Boat show this year (2022) We were very excited about purchasing one of their portable water makers. Because of some supply issues and timing on our part (we were leaving for the Bahamas) we were unable to get the unit with the new motor. The one thing we were surprised about; we had to chase them down to buy one of their portable water makers. We sent a few emails, called them and even showed up at the warehouse. Usually it's the company hounding you to buy their product. When we finally did get our portable water maker we were given a quick introduction to the unit and sent on our way without any reference material. We were told every thing we needed was online and they were there any time we needed support. We wish we would have received some reference material to review with the unit.

  • David Hoy

    Very happy with my Seawater Pro equipment, and even more so with the outstanding customer service from Mike!

  • Ray Mitchell

    Great Product so far, easy to communicate with the company also. They always answered when I called

  • Leo Avila

    Sales person was super friendly and knowledgeable, sold me what I needed and did not try to sneak in extra stuff as an upscale. I was recommended by a friend and lIl do the same now that I see that they are the real deal.!!!

  • William Streep

    Customer service is just outstanding. I mean, above and beyond. Seawater Pro does a good job of navigating the cost/benefit discussion on water makers. Are there cheaper ways to build a water maker? Sure. But there are some places that you just don't want to cut corners to save a buck or two. In our case, we did additional upgrades on our own. But all in all, a great solution. And again, fantastic support.

  • Dane Jablonsky

    Unit was shipped and arrived within a very short time frame as promised. Missing o-ring hampered our install, but replacement was shipped out and arrived overnight.

    Now producing amazing water in the Antilles!

  • Stephen Herbert

    Seawater pro is the best! Mike is very helpful and available. I make the best water 70ppm average. All the components are quality and I was able to fit them in a way that preserved storage space on the boat. Having fresh water anywhere is very liberating. Do it!


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