The SeaWater Pro DC 24 volt watermaker systems come in various configurations. The single membrane system makes up to 20 Gallons per hour. And our dual membrane system makes up to 40 gallons per hour.

This system comes with high and low pressure pumps, motor, pre-filter system and hoses.

Optional upgrades include a stainless steel pump and or a remote control panel which will allow you to monitor and control the system from anywhere on boat. Our panels are available in four color options, Snow white, Pure Black, Teak and Graphite.

Portable Watermaker Products


SeaWater Pro is proud to introduce our new portable watermaker. A revolutionary device designed from the ground up. Based on our larger SeaWater Pro modular desalinator, the portable watermaker is constructed of the highest quality. Designed for durability and maximum portability. This is the ideal device for not just boaters but anyone who wants to filter or desalinate water on the go.