The SeaWater Pro AC Powered 110-220 volt watermaker system can desalinate up to 40 gallons of water per hour drawing only 990 watts of power in a dual membrane or 20 gallons per hour in a single membrane configuration.

You get high and low pressure pumps, our AC110-220 volt motor, pre-filter system with rinse timer, all the hoses and fittings you need and of course one or two high pressure membranes.

This system is easy to install and run, you can have fresh water anytime, anywhere.



Thank you for choosing a SeaWater Pro Watermaker System! As the manufacturer and distributor, we place great importance on our product quality and customer service. Our collection of how-to videos for watermaker systems is designed to address all of your potential questions. Also be sure to download our regularly updated product manuals as needed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Short and detailed answered to our most common questions!

How do I know which SeaWater Pro Watermaker I'll need for my boat?

  1. Identifying which power source you'd like to run the system. AC or DC power?
  2. Determine how many gallons per hour will you need to maintain your lifestyle, 17 or 40 GPH.

How much does each SeaWater Pro System weigh?

Every modular watermaker ships in 2 boxes:
The first Box is 48 x 12 x 12, 60 lbs. and the second is 24 x 12 x 12, 37 lbs.


Can I install a SeaWater Pro system myself?

Yes! We have videos and instructions for our customers below and on our Youtube page.


Do I need a control panel?

Do I need a control panel? Click to watch video


How do I rinse my system after I use it?

Rinse Timer Setup Guide Click to watch our video and learn about using your system's rinse timer!


How often do I need to pickle my watermaker?

How to pickle my SeaWater Pro system! Click to watch our short video guide.