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  • 3-way sampler diverter water valve.
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3-Way Sampler Diverter Valve for Freshwater (1)

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This is the ideal valve for those wanting to sample the water before sending it to their tank or wanting to fill bottles of water. This valve is designed with 3/8 push to connect fittings. It fits the white freshwater tubing supplied with every SeaWater Pro watermaker. This valve is NOT included with our water makers for the following reasons.

1. It is not necessary because our pressure regulator reaches 800 psi nearly instantly therefore producing good water within seconds after starting.

2. If you are rinsing your watermaker in regular intervals as instructed you shouldn't have the need to waste any water.

3. These three-way diverter valves is left in the middle position they block both ports and can cause freshwater lines to burst If used by somebody who is not familiar.

4. If you're coming out of a pickle, you could very easily pull the product hose using our included quick disconnect fittings. 

We believe this valve used by someone untrained can cause more trouble than it's worth, you decide if you want to add one to your Seawater Pro WaterMaker.