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Extra, High Pressure Hose- With Stainless Fittings

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$160.00 USD

A 6 foot hose is included with every kit, you don't need to buy this hose unless you need a new replacement hose or your standard 6-ft hose is not long enough and you need a longer hose. 

The high-pressure hoses are required for connecting the high-pressure pump to the desalination membrane and a second hose is required for connecting the membrane to the remote control panel (the second hose is required only if you have the optional panel)

This hose has 316 stainless JIC hydraulic fittings which are the most common hydraulic fittings, they do NOT require o-rings and can be used over and over again without any mechanical wear, you will never have to replace o-rings. 

Your kit comes standard with two 6 ft hoses, if you choose to exchage the standard 6-ft hose and buy a longer hose you will receive $150 credit back to your credit card can we receive d the 6-ft hose. . Return 6' hose to SeaWater Pro LLC, 3233 SW 2nd Ave ste 200, Fort Lauderdale FL 33315.

See the video for more information.*** (Hose Color may vary)***