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  • Low Pressure Gauge: 0-30 psi.
  • Low Pressure Gauge: 0-30 psi view
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SeaWater Pro

Gauge: 0-30 psi. (select panel OR no panel)

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Remote Panel Gauge

Our gauges provide accurate monitoring without the need for costly and delicate electronics that will corrode in the marine environment.

These high-pressure gauges are filled with glycerine, 316 marine stainless case, stainless movement, and stainless bourdon tube. These gauges are designed for salt water. Do not compare these gauges with the cheap crap sold on Amazon. 

These gauges come in both panel (back fitting) and no panel (bottom fitting) configurations.

Please note; the visible air bubble is intended for expansion, all gauges are filled with glycerin to absorb needle vibration.