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SeaWater Pro

Membrane Pickling Tablets

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Desalination membrane pickling tables.
Preservative & sterilant tablets.
550mg Active Potassium
(25g) 50 Tablets.

This product is recommended to preserve your water maker's desalination membrane for long periods of none use or storage. The objective is to fill the membrane tubes with preservative. If you need to winterize then mix food grade Propylene Glycol in the water. Mix glycol as required per label to prevent freezing.

Potassium Metabisulfite prevents bacteria growth and oxidation in your water maker membrane. The convenient tablet form takes the guesswork out of measuring.
Each tablet adds 75 ppm per gallon.

Start with giving the system a good rinse with fresh water before pickling.
Dissolve 4 tablets in 4 gallons of water, 3 teaspoons if you have powder, submerge the boost pump in the bucket, turn the pressure regulator to zero, turn on both pumps until the bucket is empty, done.